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Daily Zachary Quinto
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{ A community providing you with your daily dose of Zachary Quinto }


That's the only one rule to this community, but it's an important one. So this is a friendly reminder to please don't hotlink any pictures I post here. If you don't know what hotlinking is, there's an explanation listed here (it basically means you repost the image(s) somewhere online using the original url, and with that the original source's webspace).

All the Zachary Quinto pictures I post to this community are hosted on someone's private webspace who has kindly offered me the space after a picspam I made got hotlinked so much that Photobucket disabled the pictures from future viewing. Since there's been a significant increase in bandwidth recently that linked back to the ZQ images I'd just like to remind everyone, please do not hotlink these pics. It's very easy to save them to your own harddrive and then reupload onto one of the many free image hosting websites out there. Thank you ♥



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